Wear It Forever Project

Slow Fashion Buy Back Program Neva Opet


We’ve created the Neva Opet Wear It Forever Project so we can extend the lifecycle of your pre-loved bags.  We believe bags should last a lifetime, so if you don’t use your bag as often as you would like, pass it on to use so someone else  can continue to Beat It Up and Wear It Forever!


1. Return It

Gather up your pre-loved bag(s) that you don’t wear anymore.  We will accept Neva Opet products purchased from us or any of our stockists.  The only items we don’t accept are custom monogrammed items.  

Fill out the digital form here so we know to expect your incoming package and ship it to the Neva Opet studio at:

Neva Opet
Attn: Wear Forever Project
2320 Cloverdale Drive
Atlanta, GA. 30316

2. We Inspect

Once we receive your items, we will review them.  Depending on the condition of the bag we will either resell your perfectly worn-in item or repurpose the leather to create a new style.  

3. You Shop 

After inspection, we send you a code via email for store credit on your next Neva Opet purchase.  Each item you send us is worth $20-$50 in store credit depending on the age and condition of your bag.  Your credit may be redeemed on any made-to-order Neva Opet products or Wear It Forever Project Items.  

4. Celebrate!

Congrats!!! You’re helping us create a lower waste fashion community. 

Hello You!

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