Leather and Care

Oil Hide Leather:

Oil hide leather has been treated with a mixture of oil and wax during the tanning process.  It is naturally water and stain resistant- making it a truly rugged and durable leather.  Small surface scratches during daily wear can be easily wiped away with a gentle cloth or with your index finger and a little elbow grease!  Due to the nature and saturation of the hide, our black oil tan leathers may transfer some color onto lighter items of clothing during your first few weeks of wear.  Please be mindful of how you wear your black bag during the breaking in process.   


Latigo Leather:

 Latigo leather is used for all of our handbag straps.  It is characterized as a cowhide leather that is combination tanned.  First chrome tanned, then vegetable tanned.  Latigo is usually infused with oils and waxes which makes the leather moderately flexible and less rigid than full vegetable tan leathers.


Product Disclaimer:

Please be aware that leather is a natural material.  Slight discoloration, scratches, or change in texture may be visible.  These small inconsistencies in your leather should not be considered a defect but rather add to the beauty and uniqueness of your bag.  Keep in mind that before an item is made, each hide is inspected.  We aim to provide the best looking piece of leather to create your bag while reducing the amount of waste per hide.



All materials are sourced from small to mid-sized US owned and operated companies.  Your bag will be 100% American made and designed.  Each product is made to order in our small Atlanta studio.  



We believe your bag should stand the test of time.  Great leather and materials last for years and look better with age and wear.  Each stain or scratch will make your bag uniquely yours.  But if you wish to spot clean your bag, we advise using warm water or a mild saddle soap with a soft cloth while cleaning in small circular motions.  We suggest conditioning your bag every 6-12 months with a leather conditioner, such as Fiebing's Aussie Leather Conditioner to keep your piece well hydrated.  


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