About Neva Opet

Neva Opet offers original, handmade bags and accessories crafted by hand in small batches out of Atlanta, GA.  We believe in simplicity of design and excellent craftsmanship.  The overall aesthetics of the line emphasize subdued colors and shapes with a minimal and modern aesthetic to produce pieces that can be carried anywhere. Each item is designed to grow in character with age and wear.  Beat it up and wear it forever!  

The name of the line comes from family and history - Rachael’s great- grandmother Neva and the ancient Egyptian Opet Festival, an event of regeneration for the King and the gods.  A nod to Rachael's love of art history.  If she weren't making bags she would have become an Egyptologist.

rachael riedinger sewing

Our Small But Mighty Team:
Rachael- Owner/ Designer

  Rachael is an entirely self taught designer and leather worker.  Born in Louisiana, she currently lives and works out of Atlanta, GA after receiving her BA in Art History.  Guided by a creative force at a young age, Rachael picked up sewing with the hopes of one day becoming a fashion designer.  After a few unfulfilling post college jobs, she decided she needed a creative outlet and decided to switch fabric for leather.  After falling in love with the character of leather and the bag making process, she took her hobby full-time during Fall of 2014.  Rachael sews and finishes each and every item that leaves the studio doors.  She aims to bring every woman a well-made  bag that lasts through years and trends.  

rachael riedinger neva opet


Corrie- Cutting Lead/ Production Assistant  

corrie ladd cutting lead

     Corrie joined our team in February of 2018.  Her role as our cutting lead is the first and critical step in our production of your bag.  Before cutting each pattern, she meticulously inspects each hide to ensure you receive the best looking piece of leather!  She is a detail oriented Pisces and a 6th generation Floridian now living in Pine Lake, GA with her boyfriend Marshall and their dog Christmas.  (Fun fact: their pup bears the holiday namesake when she was found running down a local Atlanta road on December 25th.  She was shortly adopted soon after the two attempted to find her owners.)  When she is not in the studio wielding a rotary cutter, you can find her creating jewelry and housewares in her home studio under her brand Bones & Blooms.  

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