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Olive Leather Rosa Hobo Bag
Hi friends!

This is the second installment of our '
Woman Behind The Bag' series where I share a little background on the female artist for which our bags are named.  Next up....The Rosa Hobo.   This is our most popular soft leather style in an extra roomy size and hardware free design.  Available in our core soft leathers and hair-on hides.  (P.S.  If you're ever on the fence and just can't decide which color is right for you, click here to snag one or all of our leather swatches so you can "try" before you buy! 

Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899) was a French painter known for her realism style.  Her paintings are so technically good, she makes it look easy.  Learning of Rosa in college, her talent was obvious but the details of her personal life was equally fascinating.   She was an early feminist and living openly as a lesbian.  I'll preface this, sometimes I forget how far we've come ladies. 

In her teens, Bonheur rejected training as a seamstress and found her talent for sketching live animals.  She would study their anatomy and motion 
on farms, in stockyards, animal markets, or horse fairs.  Her love of animals translated into amazingly precise depictions of their nature and form.  Traveling between farms and her studio, Rosa (obviously) rejected the traditional dress for women at the time.  Besides, who wants to wear a corset and a hoop skirt anyway?  We've got sh*t to do, am I right?!

Gender norms were heavily policed in the late 19th century, requiring Bonheur to request approval from the court to wear pants.  PANTS!  This was referred to as a "cross-dressing permit" which would allow women to wear pants for 3-6 months.  I know, I guffawed too.

Thank you Rosa for your contribution to art and feminism everywhere. 

"My whole life has been devoted to improving my work and keeping alive the Creator’s spark in my soul. Each of us has a spark, and we’ve all got to account for what we do with it.”

-Rosa Bonheur


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