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For about a year now, I have felt this pressure to produce seasonal collections based on the traditional fashion industry calendar.  At the same time, I can't help but feel like this is pretty disingenuous.  My mission for Neva Opet is to create timeless accessories for women to carry and cherish for years, rather than feeling that constant pressure to buy "on-trend" items every season.  

The fast fashion industry produces 52 micro-collections a year! (Good lord!)  This leads to unnecessary spending, creating an endless need for new things, and an overall high turnover of clothing that ends up in our landfills.  (Next time we will chat a bit more about fast fashion, that is a doozy of a topic!)  

I, along with many other makers and small business owners, are working diligently to disrupt the fashion industry.  Whether we make our products in-house or produce them via fair trade practices in an effort to highlight the harsh effects of fast fashion- both ethically and environmentally.  So, why hold onto this notion of creating new collections for Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Resort, AND all of those Pre-Seasons every year?

All Neva Opet products are produced in-house with an emphasis on classic shapes, excellent craftsmanship, and materials that become better with age and wear.  As an independently owned and operated brand, I feel fortunate enough to be as transparent as possible; from the design process to the origin of our materials.  I want to help you build your classic capsule accessory wardrobe that fits your life and personal style.  I, (and our growing small team) wish to provide you with accessories to fit any event- from clutches that take you from day into night to oversized totes that can hold your work or school essentials. 

Instead of being held to create during certain points of the year, I aim to produce products and styles when inspired and to showcase two lookbooks throughout the year as a way to show our product year-round.  With our emphasis on creativity and craftsmanship, I never want to feel that urgency to put out products that may not have been entirely thought out or tested for you.  

"Buy less, choose well, make it last." - Vivienne Westwood 


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