Introducing The Wear It Forever Project!

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     We're excited to launch the Wear It Forever Project! 
We’ve created this new program to extend the lifecycle of your pre-loved bags that you might not use as much as you had hoped.  We believe bags should last a lifetime.   If your Neva Opet bag is sitting pretty in your closet, send it to us so we ensure someone new can continue to Beat It Up and Wear It Forever!

 We are accepting pieces that were purchased from our online shop or any of our stockists, in various form of wear.  Depending on the condition of the bag we will either resell your perfectly worn-in item(s) or repurpose the leather to craft a new style.

As a thank you for helping to create a lower waste community,  we will gift you a store credit anywhere from $20-$50 (per piece submitted).  The value varies depending on the age and condition of your bag.   Your credit may be redeemed on any made-to-order Neva Opet products or Wear It Forever Project Items.

Now might be the perfect time to send in your bag if you've had your eye on any new styles we've been teasing on Instagram the past few days.  Our new Nan Crossbody and Cheetah print hair-on hide bags will be released shortly!
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