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Vintage Circle Bag 

  With temperatures here in Atlanta at a sweltering 90 degrees already, I have been thinking more and more about Summer bags and lightweight styles perfect for the beach or poolside (as I sit covered in the shade).  Let's be honest, a leather bag is not the best option to carry in these situations!

  I've been searching for the perfect woven Summer tote for years for my personal collection.  I briefly thought about making them in-house until I realized how huge of an undertaking that would be....basically starting an entirely new business!  With so many great vintage finds out there, I decided to bring in a curated selection just for y'all and save you the hours of scouring local thrift stores.  As an added bonus, you can carry these sisal market totes year-round as a reusable grocery tote.  

vintage sisal market tote

  We are passionate about sustainability, slow fashion, and all things responsibly made.  If you aren't buying a slow fashion item, then the next best sustainable option is always vintage.  These items have proven their durability and quality craftsmanship as they have lasted through time, and now you can keep them from filling up our landfills and bring new life into a pre-loved bag!

  View our finds here and grab your favorite before it is gone because each bag is truly one of one. 

 vintage sisal market tote




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